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Vector to the Heavens
Zack | 20 | 8.24.1994
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Esdeath looked so happy (´∀`)♡

Aniki … I won, thanks to you. I’m sorry. Even till the end, I did dumb things that you hit me for. I’ll become stronger … And I’ll learn to use Incursio properly. S-so … so … It’s okay if I cry now, right … Aniki?

"After being used in an Imperial Arms, the dragon’s flesh is still alive! Tatsumi… Your passion has caused Incursio to evolve once more!"


who the FUCK turned this into a gifset

(Source: 0ci0)

I hope Atlus posts a full body artwork for the Persona 5 protagonist soon for cosplay reasons because they never showed his legs.


That new Persona 5 trailer I just—

Let me touch his hair.